“We met at Hurley’s Irish Pub and [the specialist] showed up with dragon scales, 3D printed dragon scales. From there, it was a dragon,” said Murphy.

Montreal Mini Maker Faire 2018

Émile Laliberté with #DucttapersAnonymus & #EducationMakers

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PLA Jewellery

Repurposing leftovers

We came up with the PLA Jewellery project to repurpose leftovers from our 3D prints and #MAKE something beautiful with them. Among the many accessories that can be created, I prefer to make rings.

For the details of this project, please visit: ‘sustainamakability’ at

3D design for #Lightrecorders

Collaboration with the inventor of #lightrecorders; Charles Matthews is a very talented sound artist and creative technologist currently involved with creations of augmented instruments and software development for live performance and improved accessibility. We designed the very first casing for his prototype together in 2017.

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Development of Evaluation Instruments and Evaluation of The Turtle Diary website for Educational Purposes

The Turtle Diary ( is an educational website that provides games and activities for K-5 grade students. I have been using the website in my classes with 3rd, 4th, and 5thgrade students. It was approved by the Turkish Ministry of Education which is why I decided to develop an evaluation tool and evaluate the content of the webpage. The website is used as a comprehension aid to classroom topics. The flash-code based visual and interactive games provided on the website cover multiple topics to test the user’s knowledge of facts or procedures.