LED Block

A cube of LEDs. 8x8x8 pixels, can show dynamic patterns.  Each of the 512 LEDs is soldered and attached to others one by one with 1024 soldering points. 

Visible side: 5 sides (top,left, right,front back)

3D Printed RC Plane

I have been teaching how to build RC planes as a THK and FAI certified instructor since 2005. I’ve always wanted to explore the possibility of a 3D printed plane with RC and flying capabilities. The plane displayed is a model of the British Spitfire MK IX provided by 3DLabPrint which was founded in 2015 in Brno, Czech Republic. It has 1.71mt wingspan with a weight of 1.27kgs.

Music Box

I designed a 30 note music box to satisfy my ohrwurm. The mechanical parts are adopted from a Sankyo 50N Orpheus movement. The designed case resembles a gramophone. The horn amplifies the tune by resonation. The casing is printed my a CR10 FDM printer. It works with a 7cm wide card. Each note needs to be punched in precision with an average length of 1 minute of music \ 1.2 meters of punch card proportion.

PLA Jewellery

3D printing is proving its use in rapid prototying and additive manufactoring. PLA is one of the very popular filament material for FDM printers. As the popularity is growing, the number of printed PLA objects or products is raising rapidly. But what do you do with your support leftovers or disposed PLA printed objects? What is the best, most sustainable way to dispose PLA printed products?

With these thoughts, I preferred to make something visually alluring and also wearable daily. These are a few examples of accessories designed and upcycled from abandoned 3D printed objects and leftovers. 

Chest of Drawers

Another beautiful form of upcycling built from parts recovered from ‘bulk item’ day for re-cycling collection.

Cycling & Upcycling: Classic Bicycle Recovery & Restoration

From rust to shimmer, these classic (1969-72) bicycles are revived to ride with pleasure.