Highlights of 2022

It is with great honour that I took part in;  In the Middle, a Chimera, the Milieux Institute Year-End Exhibition and Symposium. Announcing an international artist collaboration with the Fondation PHI – Montreal.

Muğla İl Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü, Ar-Ge ve Öğretmen Akademisi, DesignFils Projesi ve YeğiTek Ortaklığıyla;

“Geleceğin Sınıfını Tasarlama” eğitimi

25-27 Mayıs 2022

Muğla İli genelinde öğretmenlere;

“Geleceğin Yenilikçi Öğrenme Alanlarını Tasarlama” Eğitimi

British Council , Sabancı Vakfı, MEB Öğretmen Yetiştirme ve Geliştirme Genel Müdürlüğü

Ortaklığıyla her ay gerçekleştirilen İngilizce Öğretmenliği Mesleki Gelişim Mentörlüğü


Highlights of 2020

Since our initial application, we have achieved a Digital Originals grant and presented publicly at the Technology Visualization Studio in Concordia University.  We have been consistently collaborating, creating the poetics of psychogeographies, integrating poetry, music and soundscapes from invited participants as well as our own creations all through COVID lockdown and through to the present. All our work can be seen on our Instagram Account: https://www.instagram.com/ora4art/

Atelier Muse is a creative initiative that implements new approaches to and with arts and culture field by carrying out interdisciplinary cross-sectoral projects. Atelier Muse adopts a global and collaborative point of view with partners sharing the same vision as being present and actively productive in life. In this respect, it aims to realise projects based on research, taking social impact and interaction as the forefront as responsible and sharing team with its partners. Focusing on contemporary dance, body- related art forms, searches for transitions and integrations of these with different disciplines and field. Cooperates with artistic field, governmental institutions, corporations and civil society for creating collaborations of productions.

Highlights of 2019

Tides: emotional ebb and flow, sometimes high /low… always in flux, affected by place, time, season and individual experience is integral to its depths of deliberation, its immediacy and its ability to affect our personal histories that manifest through our work, how we relate to ourselves, each other and our surroundings – our place in the world.

TIDES aims to destigmatize and discuss mental health issues through art and community engagement. The project consists of three main events: an exhibition and vernissage, an artist’s talk and open panel discussion, and a musical performance.

TIDES vise à faire face aux préjugés en lien avec les problèmes de santé mentale et à ouvrir une discussion par rapport à ceux-ci au travers de l’art et de la communauté. Le projet est constitué de trois événements principaux : une exposition et un vernissage, une discussion avec les artistes et une performance musicale.
Featured Artists & Collaborators:
Debora Alanna
Dante Dhe Paganon
Bora Bodur
Isabelle Paquin
Susan Willcocks
The Mindful MCs

Exhibition Dates: December 12th – 16th, 2019 (Gallery open from 12:00-5:00 PM everyday)
Vernissage: December 11th, 2019 (6:00-10:00 PM)
Artist’s Panel Discussion: December 13th, 2019 (5:30 PM)
Musical Performance by the Mindful MCs: December 14th, 2019 (1:00 PM)
*Special thanks to the following organisations for funding the project:

Concordia Council on Student Life
Concordia University’s Fine Arts Student Association
Concordia University Alumni Association
The Concordia University Small Grants Program

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Highlights of 2018

Montreal Mini Maker Faire 2018

It has been a great honour to take part in the establishment of Maker Faire 2018 MONTREAL as a member of the organising and presenting body; Concordia University, Milieux İnstitute for Arts and Technology and Educationmakers/MilieuxMake.

The 3D printed plane hanging above us took me 21 hours to print, 6 hours to develop guidance and servo planning and 7 hours of flight exercise. Finally the monster 127cm wingspan 3d printed Spitfire flew 1.8kms before it crashed into a tree at McGill’s McDonald Campus at Saint Anne de Bellevue , Montreal.

GSDA Symposium Educational Technology

An international educational event for scholars, educators and teachers aiming at promoting the

development and dissemination of theoretical knowledge, conceptual research, and the results of the implementation of instructional technology in teaching and learning environments. The conference gave the opportunity to around 90 participants to present, share and discuss their research findings, ideas and work done for improving educational technology. An emphasis was put forth on the developments in computer software and hardware in 2018’s conference. New improvements in the field of educational
technology as well as their contribution to education were stressed.