Highlights of 2020

Since our initial application, we have achieved a Digital Originals grant and presented publicly at the Technology Visualization Studio in Concordia University.  We have been consistently collaborating, creating the poetics of psychogeographies, integrating poetry, music and soundscapes from invited participants as well as our own creations all through COVID lockdown and through to the present. All our work can be seen on our Instagram Account: https://www.instagram.com/ora4art/

Atelier Muse is a creative initiative that implements new approaches to and with arts and culture field by carrying out interdisciplinary cross-sectoral projects. Atelier Muse adopts a global and collaborative point of view with partners sharing the same vision as being present and actively productive in life. In this respect, it aims to realise projects based on research, taking social impact and interaction as the forefront as responsible and sharing team with its partners. Focusing on contemporary dance, body- related art forms, searches for transitions and integrations of these with different disciplines and field. Cooperates with artistic field, governmental institutions, corporations and civil society for creating collaborations of productions.


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